Windows Server 2012 – Overview

Welcome to Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server 2012 - Most awaited Server operating system with Code name ' Windows 8'.Windows 8 replace the more traditional Microsoft Windows OS look and feel with a new "Metro" designsystem interface.Windows server 2012 is the final release from Microsoft in the line of Server operating system, after Windows server 2008 R2.

​Microsoft is the leader in operating systems and application products in the world, Microsoft 'Windows Server ' is a series of Microsoft server operating systems. Windows servers are more powerful versions of their desktop operating system counterparts and are designed to more efficiently handle corporate networking, Internet, intranet hosting, databases, enterprise-scale messaging and similar functions.

Windows Server name made its debut with the release of Windows Server 2003 and continues with the current release, Windows Server 2012.

List of Microsoft Server Operating Systems

Windows NT (Released on July 1993)
Windows 2000 Server (Released on February 2000)
Windows Server 2003 (Released on April 2003)
Windows Server 2003 R2 (Released on December 2005)
Windows Server 2008 (Released on February 2008)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (Released on July 2009)
Windows Server 2012 (Released on September 2012),

New Features in windows server 2012

Windows Server 2012 comes with some great new features, Such as new Metro user interface, powerful new management tools, enhanced Windows PowerShell v.3.0 support, and hundreds of new features inthe areas of networking, storage, and virtualization, Windows Server 2012 can help IT deliver morewhile reducing costs.

Some Great new features are,

  • Server Manager:- Server manager comes with many Administration improvements, such as Multi-server capabilities, new Design, Deploy roles and features in virtual servers, server groups That helps IT props to manage local servers, remote server and virtual server efficiently New Look of Server Manager

New look of Server manager

We can choose our interface - Windows server 2012 allow to choose our desired interface , and can switch interface at any time,Server Manager - let you to manage local, Remote and Virtual Servers


Server Manager - let you to manage 
local, Remote and Virtual Servers

​Server Full GUI interface Server Core interface Newer version of SMB protocol - SMB 3.0 make file server management simpler, with new features , such as SMB PowerShell, Directory leasing, Transport fail over, Encryption and SMB Scale out,

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Minimal Server interface 

Newer version of SMB protocol - SMB 3.0 make file server management simpler, with new features , such as SMB PowerShell, Directory leasing, Transport fail over, Encryption and SMB Scale out.
​Dynamic Access control - Helps administrators create more centralized security models for access to network resources by tagging sensitive data both manually and automatically, based on factors such as the file content or the creator.

Storage improvements- Storage Spaces is a new feature in Server 2012 that lets you use inexpensive hard drives to create a storage pool, which can then be divided into spaces that are used like physical disks. You can add new disks any time, and a space can be larger than the physical capacity of the pool. When you add new drives, the space automatically uses the extra capacity

Storage pool

    Hyper-v improvements -  Hyper-v Manager and Hyper-v PowerShell module helps administrators manage virtual machines. Hyper-v Replica provide replication mechanism and network virtualization, multi-tenancy, storage resource pools, cross-premise connectivity, and cloud backup also added 

Hyper-v manager

Hyper-v module for powershell

ReFS gives us data verification and auto correction, and it's designed to work with Storage Spaces to create shrinkable/expandable logical storage pools. The new file system is all about maximum scalability, supporting up to 16 exabytes  

 IPAM - New ip address management role simplify IP address space management for both IPV4 and IPV6.\    IIS 8.0 - The new version of Internet information Service 8.0 Shipped with many new features such as Certificate management,Web Socket Improved NUMA    New Task manager- New windows server 2012 task manager provide easiest way to monitor performances and tasks.

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