Design Pattern

 Front Controller 
 Factory Method 


 JUnit: What and Why? 
 Types of Testing 
 Annotations used in JUnit 
 Assert class 
 Test Cases 


 Maven: What and Why? 
 Ant Vs Maven 
 How to install Maven? 
 Maven Repository 
 Understanding pom.xml 
 Maven Example 
 Maven Web App Example 
 Maven using Eclipse 
Struts 2

Basics of Struts2

 Struts : What and Why? 
 Model1 vs Model2 
 Struts2 Features 
 Steps to create Struts2 application 
 Understanding Action class 
 Understanding struts.xml file 
 Struts2 in Eclipse IDE 
 Struts2 in Myeclipse IDE 

Core Components 


Struts 2 Architecture 

Struts2 Action 

 Action Interface 
 ActionSupport class 

Struts2 Configuration

 multi configuration 
 multi namespace 


 Custom Interceptor : Life Cycle of Interceptor 
 params interceptor 
 execAndWait interceptor 
 prepare interceptor 
 modelDriven interceptor 
 exception interceptor 
 fileUpload interceptor 

Struts 2 Validation

 Custom Validation : workflow interceptor 
 Input Validation : validation interceptor 
 Ajax Validation : jsonValidation interceptor 

Aware Interfaces

 Login and Logout Application 

Struts2 with I18N

Zero Configuration 

 By convention 
 By annotation 

Struts2 with Tiles2 
Hibernate with Struts2
Spring with Struts2
Project Development in Struts2
Working with IDE
 Eclipse IDE 
 Netbeans IDE 
 Myeclipse IDE 
Working with Servers


 Apache Tomcat 
 Glassfish Server 
 JBoss Server 
 Weblogic Server 

Introduction to JavaEE

 The Need for JavaEE. 
 Overview on the JavaEE Architecture 
1 tier 
2 tier 
3 tier 
N tier 
 JavaEE Key Standards 

Introduction to EJB3

 The EJB Model 
 Key Services of the Application Server

Developing Session Beans 

 Stateless Session Beans 
 Stateful Session Beans 
 Writing Clients 

Using Dependency Injection

 No More JNDI 
 Injection of EJBContext


 JMS Overview 
 JMS Messaging Domains 
 Example of JMS using Queue 
 Example of JMS using Topic 

Message Driven Beans

Persistence Introduction to JPA

 Object Relational Mapping 
 Mapping configurations 
 Embedded Objects 

Web Technology
 Introduction to HTML 
 HTML Tags 
 Creating Forms 
 Creating tables 
 Managing home page 

 Introduction to CSS 
 Three ways to use CSS 
 CSS Properties 
 Designing website 
 Working with Templates


 Introduction to Javascript 
 Three ways to use Javascript 
 Working with events 
 Client-side Validation


 Introduction to JQuery 
 Validation using JQuery 
 JQuery Forms 
 JQuery Examples


 Introduction to AJAX 
 Servlet and JSP with AJAX 
 Interacting with database 


Basics of Servlet

 Servlet: What and Why? 
 Basics of Web 
 Servlet API 
 Servlet Interface 
 Servlet Life Cycle 
 Working with Apache Tomcat Server 
 Steps to create a servlet in Tomcat 
 How servlet works? 
 servlet in Myeclipse 
 servlet in Eclipse 
 servlet in Netbeans 


 ServletRequest methods 
 Registration example with DB 

Servlet Collaboration



 ServletConfig methods 
 ServletConfig example 


 ServletContext methods 
 ServletContext example 


 How to set, get and remove example? 

Session Tracking

 Hidden Form Field 
 URL Rewriting 

Event and Listener

 Authentication Filter 
 Useful examples 

ServletInputStream and ServletOutputStream
Annotation Servlet
Project Development

Basics of JSP
 Life cycle of JSP 
 JSP in Eclipse and other IDE's

Scripting elements

 scriptlet tag 
 expression tag 
 declaration tag 

9 Implicit Objects


Directive Elements

 page directive 
 include directive 
 taglib directive 
Exception Handling

Action Elements

 Bean class 
 jsp:setProperty & jsp:getProperty 
 Displaying applet in JSP 

Expression Language



Custom tags

 Custom Tag : What and Why? 
 Custom Tag API? 
 Custom Tag Example 
 Custom URI 

Project Development in JSP

. JavaMail API

JavaMail API

 Sending Email 
 Sending email through Gmail server 
 Receiving Email 
 Sending HTML content 
Design Pattern


 Synchronization : What and Why?
 synchronized method 
 synchronized block 
 static synchronization 
 Inter-thread Communication
 Interrupting Thread 

Input and output

 FileOutputStream & FileInputStream 
 BufferedOutputStream & BufferedInputStream 
 FileWriter & FileReader 
 Input from keyboard by InputStreamReader 
 Input from keyboard by Console 
 Input from keyboard by Scanner 
 PrintStream class 
 PrintWriter class 
 Compressing and Uncompressing File 
 Reading and Writing data simultaneously 
 DataInputStream and DataOutputStream 
 Stream Tokenizer class 


 Serialization & Deserialization
 Serialization with IS-A and Has-A
 transient keyword 


 Socket Programming 
 URL class 
 Displaying data of a web page 
 InetAddress class 
 DatagramSocket and DatagramPacket 
 Two way communication 

AWT and EventHandling

 AWT Controls
 Event Handling by 3 ways
 Event classes and Listener Interfaces
 Adapter classes
 Creating Games and Applications


 Basics of Swing 
 JButton class 
 JRadioButton class 
 JTextArea class 
 JComboBox class 
 JTable class 
 JColorChooser class 
 JProgressBar class 
 JSlider class 
 Digital Watch 
 Graphics in swing 
 Displaying Image 
 Edit Menu for Notepad
 Open Dialog Box 
 Creating Notepad 
 Creating Games and applications

Layout Managers 



 Life Cycle of Applet 
 Graphics in Applet 
 Displaying image in Applet 
 Animation in Applet 
 EventHandling in Applet 
 JApplet class 
 Painting in Applet 
 Digital Clock in Applet 
 Analog Clock in Applet 
 Parameter in Applet 
 Applet Communication 
 Creating Games

Reflection API 

 Reflection API 
 newInstance() & Determining the class object 
 javap tool 
 creating javap tool 
 creating appletviewer 
 Accessing private method from outside the class 


 JDBC Drivers
 Steps to connect to the database 
 Connectivity with Oracle 
 Connectivity with MySQL 
 Connectivity with Access without DSN 
 Connection interface 
 Statement interface 
 ResultSet interface 
 Storing image 
 Retrieving image 
 Storing file 
 Retrieving file 
 Stored procedures and functions 
 Transaction Management 
 Batch Processing 
 JDBC New Features
 Mini Project 


 ResourceBundle class 
 I18N with Date 
 I18N with Time 
 I18N with Number 
 I18N with Currency 

Java - Basics

 Java - What, Where and Why? 
 History and Features of Java 
 Internals of Java Program
 Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM 
 Internal Details of JVM 
 Variable and Data Type
 Unicode System 
 Naming Convention


 Advantage of OOPs
 Object and Class
 Method Overloading
 static variable, method and block 
 this keyword
 Inheritance (IS-A)
 Aggregation and Composition(HAS-A)
 Method Overriding
 Covariant Return Type
 super keyword
 Instance Initializer block
 final keyword
 Runtime Polymorphism
 static and Dynamic binding
 Abstract class and Interface
 Downcasting with instanceof operator
 Package and Access Modifiers
 Object class 
 Object Cloning
 Java Array
 Call By Value and Call By Reference
 strictfp keyword
 Creating API Document

String Handling 

 String : What and Why?
 Immutable String 
 String Comparison 
 String Concatenation 
 Methods of String class
 StringBuffer class 
 StringBuilder class 
 Creating Immutable class
 toString method 
 StringTokenizer class

Exception Handling

 Exception Handling : What and Why? 
 try and catch block 
 Multiple catch block 
 Nested try 
 finally block 
 throw keyword 
 Exception Propagation 
 throws keyword 
 Exception Handling with Method Overriding
 Custom Exception 

Nested Classes 

 Nested Class : What and Why?
 Member Inner class 
 Annonymous Inner class 
 Local Inner class 
 static nested class 
 Nested Interface 


 Multithreading : What and Why?
 Life Cycle of a Thread 
 Creating Thread 
 Thread Schedular 
 Sleeping a thread
 Joining a thread 
 Thread Priority 
 Daemon Thread 
 Thread Pooling 
 Thread Group 
 Performing multiple task by multiple thread 
 Garbage Collection 
 Runnable class 


 Collection Framework 
 ArrayList class 
 LinkedList class 
 ListIterator interface 
 HashSet class 
 LinkedHashSet class 
 TreeSet class 
 PriorityQueue class 
 ArrayDeque class 
 Map interface 
 HashMap class
 LinkedHashMap class 
 TreeMap class 
 Hashtable class 
 Comparable and Comparator 
 Properties class 

Java New Features 

 For-each loop 
 Static Import 
 Autoboxing and Unboxing 
 Enum Type 

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Core Java Syllabus

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